art dump pt 1

I’ve been drawing for a long time. I really feel like I’ve only gotten passable at digital art in the last year.

I did draw fairly well in traditional media–I preferred paper and ink for a long time. Went through pens and markers like crazy! Unfortunately, age changes stuff, and as the hEDS got worse, it hit my hands and arms and shoulders, to where it got too difficult to draw that way. And well starting all over on learning to draw in my late twenties wasn’t easy, I’ll say that!

I still have to use photo references pretty heavily, so if you think you regonize any of the portraits below as a model or celebrity–yeah, you probably do! I use Pixlr, mostly because only had a chromebook for three years, and I got too used to it to use much of anything else. I can’t really use a tablet for the same reasons I can’t use a standard pen and paper anymore, so I just use the trackpad of my laptop.

The below portraits are intended to be original character portraits taken from the narrative story podcast that I have been working on for a little bit. I’ll occasionally talk more about it, but for now, you get portraits and a little blurb. Maybe it’ll intrigue you!

Character name: Daciana Havich née L’Angelle, the soul witch.
Character name: Aleksander Havich, the cult leader.
Character name: Dr. Bhavani Lal, the FBI forensics analyst.
Character name: Lyssa Delgado, the auteur.
Character name: Rowan Foxx-Delago, influencer, mommy blogger, black hat hacker.
Character name: Dahlia Delgado, the arms dealer.
Character name: Nova Vernera-Delgado, intrepid journalist and food blogger
Character name: Dr. Rhoda Cargill, BSU psychiatrist
Character name: Malcolm al-Batawi, the fixer.