Apologies for Hiatus and Future Posts

Work has been difficult, culminating in my getting physically assaulted by someone at work. Not badly! Just. Sucks. Migraine from having cigarette smoke blown into my face was the most thing.

But I have a few things coming down the pipeline including, more book reviews, some film reviews, deep dives, and listicles. The following are currently in progress!

  • Book reviews of a few new releases including some short story collections edited by Ellen Datlow, the new Brian Evenson, and a handful of others.
  • Series review of Queer for Fear!
  • Listicles including “Most Disturbing Movies” and more
  • A deep dive into queer horror, neurodivergence in horror, and more.

Hopefully I’ll be up for the challenge of more regular writing since I’ve got PTO this week!

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